Make Finance the Strength of Your Business

​Let your business gain from strategic insight of a Chief Financial Officer. Bring rigorous financial analysis to your decision making and performance tracking. Add robust evidence and analysis to your investment decisions and be confident of your numbers.​

You can focus 100% on doing what only you can – developing your business, products and services​

Free up your time from compliances, accounting and bookkeeping issues. Your part time CFO can look after these for you.

Have someone by your side 

To ensure your vendors and employees are paid on time, overdue invoices are collected from customers and cash is available to run the business. Your CFO will also continuously review how work is done and bring about improvements in systems and processes.

What We Do
  • Business Planning & Tracking Performance

  • Strategic Decision Support

  • Manage Cash Flow & Working Capital

  • Manage Compliance & Business Risk

  • Improve Processes & Efficiencies

  • Be Your Sounding Board

Big corporates hire highly qualified and experienced Chief Financial Officers and Financial Controllers to manage their finances

​A CFO could cost between $200k-$300k per year. However, a CFO’s contribution to the success and growth of a business far outweighs the cost. A growing business cannot be successful or even survive without the financial insight, skills and discipline that the CFO brings. However, most Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) either do not need, or their size does not justify, a full time CFO.

Our part time CFO services provide full access and functionality of a highly qualified and experienced CFO at a fraction of the cost​

Even though it costs you only a fraction, you have full time access and attention of your CFO on Call. Your HACS CFO will be accessible to you full time over phone and email and will be physically present onsite your business at predetermined intervals. Even when your HACS CFO is not physically onsite, he or she will still be monitoring all your financial, accounting and compliance needs. Cloud based accounting has made this change possible in the way businesses work.

Our CFO services start at $1,000 a month depending on the size of your business. Your HACS CFO will work as your finance business partner to help you achieve increasingly higher levels of growth and profitability
Your CFO will be a highly skilled Chartered Accountant or CPA with loads of commercial and business experience

An accounting practice with no commercial experience doesn’t have the exposure or the aptitude to run the finance function of a business enterprise. Their value lies in tax advisory which a CFO uses to maximize value for the business.

Our Virtual CFO (vCFO) services provide you complete scalability and control over the growth and finances of your business

You can increase or decrease the level of engagement with your virtual CFO and even decide to hire a full time in-house person as your business grows. Our services offer you complete flexibility how you want to structure the engagement in terms of time required, number of meetings and onsite presence, or the nature of activities you want us to handle. We will structure the engagement in a way that exactly fits your requirements.

Moreover, you don’t have to enter into a long term contract and you can keep the engagement on a monthly or need based basis. You are free to discontinue any time your business needs change and you want a different solution for your business.

How It Works
  • Our engagement begins with understanding your business

  • Your HACS CFO will conduct regular meetings with you and your team at predetermined intervals

  • Our engagement will not be limited to physical onsite meetings

  • We will work with your tax accountant and bookkeeper

  • The cost of CFO Services will depend on the size of business and frequency of engagement