Finance is critical to success of any business

Research has shown that poor cash management and liquidity problems are the main cause of failure of a majority of small businesses. Highly skilled, experienced and qualified finance professionals are very expensive to hire and not easy to find. Hiring a qualified and experienced CFO can cost upwards of $200,000 a year. However, with large financial resources and the right business size, big corporates are able to hire and retain high quality finance professionals.

Cloud based accounting has brought about a fundamental change in the way finance departments work

Financial records and accounts can now be accessed remotely and securely. This provides enormous flexibility for both business owners and accountants. Now the CFO need not be present full time at a business location to monitor and review finance and accounting functions. A CFO who is physically present only part time can still carry out the financial oversight and supervision using remote access to cloud based accounting platform. This has opened tremendous opportunity for small and medium businesses (SMEs) to get access to skills and expertise of a highly qualified finance professional at a reasonable cost.

Practicing accountants and tax agents have been assisting SMEs with bookkeeping and tax filing. However, their expertise and focus areas are very different from what is required to run the finance department of a business

Their value lies in their knowledge and experience in tax and compliance related regulations. The CFO of a business taps this resource to derive maximum value for business and manage compliances. Your CFO will have years of robust experience running the finance department of small and large businesses.

Ajay Sharma is a Chartered Accountant with 25 years of rich experience heading and running Finance & Accounts in manufacturing and service industries

His experience encompasses Fortune 100 conglomerates such as Schneider Electric to family owned and run small businesses such as Mud Australia Pty Ltd. His significant contributions have been in the areas of business planning and controlling, financial reporting, financial analysis, treasury and cash management, and process improvements. He has successfully handled financial software rollouts, developing systems and procedures and employee performance management. He has added significant value to all businesses where he has worked. His particular strength lies in identifying problem or challenge areas and fixing them. Whether it is in funding challenges, inventory and asset control, strategic decision making or margin improvement, he has always successfully helped businesses overcome their most difficult challenges.

Australia is a largely Small & Medium business driven economy. At the same time, labour costs are prohibitively high. It is not economic for SME businesses to hire a full time CFO

In most cases, the size and needs of a business do not even require full time presence of a senior finance professional. A disciplined, regular and systematic oversight and management of Finance on a part time basis is ideal for an SME. This way a small or medium business can gain from the strategic insight, expertise and experience of a CFO without spending a fortune. The value addition obtained from a part time CFO will far outweigh the cost in such scenario.

Realising this, Ajay has founded HACS CFO to partner with small and medium businesses in providing access to the skill set, expertise, experience and insights of a qualified finance professional at a reasonable cost.

HACS CFO is based in Adelaide, South Australia and is fully owned, managed and run from here. It is our endeavour to provide CFO services of highest professional standard to Australian small and medium businesses at a price that is right for them.