Your Virtual CFO will manage below-listed areas of work for you

  • Business Planning & Forecasting

  • Develop and implement Financial Reporting System

  • Provide Strategic Decision Support including financial analysis

  • Oversee and ensure Compliances

  • Projection and Managing Cash Flow

  • Improve Systems and Processes

  • Maintain financial accounting system

  • Ensure timely customer, vendor and employee payments

  • Support Mergers and Acquisitions with information and analysis

  • Establish and Manage Employee Performance Management System

  • Manage Business Risk and insurance

If the size of your business does not justify an in-house bookkeeper at this stage and you want us to provide a solution including bookkeeping, we can take care of that. We can also take care of tax returns and other related work handled by your tax accountant if you so desire. However, taxation and bookkeeping is additional work and will cost extra.