Our Services Cover

Business Planning and tracking performance

Every business needs to plan and budget for the future and measure performance against the same. Analysis and reporting of actual performance against the plan helps take corrective measures. Benchmarking performance enables meaningful comparison and provides actionable inputs.

Financial reporting is the compass that keeps a business on track. Key Result Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide substance and meaning to business goals.

Manage Compliance, Review & Control Business Risk


It is important to comply with regulatory reporting and other requirements. However, compliances don’t have to be a pain. You can get rid of the stress associated with compliances. Whether it is tax returns, BAS, Superannuation, work cover, ASIC or any other area, your CFO is always on top of it. We make sure compliance cost is minimised and you never miss out on your entitlements and eligible benefits.

Your part time CFO will review and control business risk by continuously monitoring insurance coverage and ensuring your business is always covered from unforeseen contingencies.

Strategic Decision Support


A growing business is regularly faced with a strategic decision situation whether it is a major investment, merger or acquisition. It becomes critical to support such decisions with rigorous analysis and due diligence. Your CFO will support you with analytical tools such as the payback period, sensitivity analysis, and breakeven analysis.

The CFO will maximise the value for your business whether it is an acquisition, divestment or merger, and will take care of the due diligence process.

Improve Processes and Efficiencies

A lean and efficient operation goes a long way in improving the margins and value of the business. Your CFO will continuously review your systems, streamline processes and bring about efficiencies. The expenses and costs will be monitored on a regular basis and any flab will be cut. Any opportunities to save on expenditure will be identified and discussed in management meetings.

It is important to have an effective Performance Management System to benchmark and measure performance. Employees need to have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to have measurable goals so they can contribute to business growth. Your CFO will help develop Job Descriptions and a performance appraisal system.

Manage Cash Flow and Working Capital

Efficient cash management is critical to success and survival of any business. Most businesses fail due to poor cash management. A robust cash management begins with projecting cash flow into the future. With accurate and timely cash projections you are much better placed to foresee problems and plan expenditure.

We will continuously monitor the cash position to ensure vendors and employees are paid on time. We will also ensure sales invoices are collected without delay. A review of credit terms will be undertaken to maximise cash and cut down cash conversion cycle.

A robust inventory control system goes a long way in preserving cash and minimising losses and shortages.

Be your sounding board

Your CFO is a source of professional and personal support in a way an employee or external accountant can never be. The part time CFO provides independent advice and support based on years of solid experience in managing finance in a commercial environment.


Whether it is a new line of business, a major investment, compliance issues with regulatory authorities or employee related issues, your CFO will stand by your side and offer robust professional and personal support.